Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Hain's cunning plan backfires

Peter Hain must have been feeling pretty smug this morning. He and Rhodri Morgan had signed a declaration effectively pledging Welsh Labour to kick the long-promised referendum on more democracy for Wales into the long grass.
It was a calculated snub to coalition partners Plaid.
By the afternoon, Hain's cunning plan was in tatters as Rhodri backtracked. By all accounts, Plaid AMs were furious at Hain's efforts to undermine the coalition and one of its central promises. The referendum will not deliver the powers Wales needs to get itself out of this economic mess but will make decision making and law-making easier for all. But Hain couldn't even accept that and was willing to risk the coalition for the sake of some political point scoring.
Tomorrow Hain will address the Assembly, knowing Rhodri has very publicly dumped him and that his shallow manoeuvring have alienated both Plaid and Labour AMs. Even the Tories are promising not to block a referendum if the Assembly votes for one!
Taxi for Hain after his huge own goal today.


alanindyfed said...

After the Election in 2010 Hain will be History.

Who will write the definitive history of Welsh Independence following its realisation?

Pravda Cymru said...

Sorry, your analysis seems flawed.

The last sentence in the joint Labour / Plaid statement yesterday reads: " . . all options for the timing of a referendum remain open. Nothing has been ruled in or ruled out, including, if it proved practical, a referendum in the autumn".

That's what Hain & Co have always said. Plaid blinked.

Anonymous said...

"The referendum will not deliver the powers Wales needs to get itself out of this economic mess "

Could you expand on that a little.

Plaid Whitegate said...

The referendum, if won, would not give Wales the powers that Scotland currently enjoys. It would merely tidy up the current legislative mess.
To get to grips with the economic crisis here in Wales, Wales needs greater powers.