Friday, 27 November 2009

Letter to the Daily Post - Peter Hain.

Letter sent to the Daily Post and the Leader today.

Dear Editor,

What is Peter Hain for? He’s not for Wales that’s for sure. In a week where he has attempted to undermine the One Wales Coalition Government by going back on Labour’s word to hold a referendum which came close to destroying the coalition between Plaid Cymru and Labour.
Secondly Hain chooses to ignore the main platform of Gerald Holtham’s recommendation on the Barnett formula which everyone accepts has served Wales poorly over the last 30 years. Hain is quite happy to go with a funding structure that sees every man, woman and child in Wales lose out on £2900 over the next decade. The only time Hain will intervene is if Wales is disproportionately disadvantaged…well by all social indicators Wales is disproportionately disadvantaged and that is what Gerald Holtham’s report is trying to rectify.

His performance in this last week shows that our Colonial Secretary is totally out of touch not only with the people of Wales but also with Welsh politicians and he is now well past his sell buy date. Gordon Brown should appoint a Secretary of State who has empathy with Wales and its problems and not someone who spends his time disrupting good governance in Wales.

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alanindyfed said...

Well done and keep up the pressure. Hain must be ousted if Wales is to thrive and prosper as a nation. Hain is for Labour, not for Wales, and no unionist party can be trusted to advance the cause of self-government.
Campaign to oust Hain.