Thursday, 26 November 2009

Lib Dem Propaganda

Whatever the Lib Dems publish contains this little graph which is in effect an outright deception, whilst the figures themselves are right the context is totally wrong. Yes these were the total votes cast for the parties in Wrecsam County Borough Council wards that fall within Wrecsam Westminster Constituency in the 2008 council elections. But what these figures don't tell the reader is that there were 27 contests in the constituency in 2008, Labour fought 26 contests and won 6 seats, the Lib Dems fought 20 of the contests and won 10 seats, Conservatives fought 5 contests and won 2 seats and Plaid Cymru fought 4 contests and won 3 seats. The proportion of votes cast for each party in the SEATS WHICH THEY CONTESTED was as follows:

Labour 35%
Lib Dems 45%
Conservatives 49%
Plaid Cymru 43%

Another misleading statement on this little graph is the claim that that was the result last time. Now the 2008 Council Election wasn't the last time an election was held but rather it was the 2009 European Elections but the Lib Dems won't want to remind us of that one will they! But I will:

Conservatives 3199 22.4%
Labour 2712 19%
Lib Dems 2078 14.6%
UKIP 2037 14.2%
Plaid Cymru 1972 13.8%
Others 16%

Do I need say more about this blatant propganda? The only people the Lib Dems are fooling are themselves.


Anonymous said...

If the figures themselves aren't made up, and the graph isn't drawn completely out of scale, then that's one of the more accurate Lib Dem graphs I've seen. Be prepared for more of this.

Plaid Whitegate said...

Be prepared? It's the only thing the Lib Dems have done for a decade!
Graphs with two-horse races (where they normally come third) where they hope to tempt other voters not on principle or policy but with a tactical vote.
Council elections are usually more about the individual candidate rather than the party. The last meaningful comparison is the Euro election of June 2009 which, as Arfon has pointed out, saw Plaid come within 100 votes of the Lib Dems in Wrecsam.

Tom Rippeth lives in Northop said...

Lies, damn lies and Lib Dem statistics

In the 4 council seats that Plaid contested (all 4 held by Labour as it happens) the results were as follows:

Lab - 997 (49%)
Plaid - 879 (43%)
Lib Dems - 134 (6%)
Independents - 38 (2%)

Looks like a two-horse race to me!