Thursday, 26 November 2009

The Northop By Election.

Results of the Northop Byelection:

Paul Ashley, (Welsh Conservatives) 280

Marion Bateman, (Independent.) 343

Robert Mackey, (Welsh Liberal Democrats.) 187

Ken Molyneux, (Independent.) 227

Linda Pierce, (Labour) 197.

The result in Northop in May 2008 was:

Mel Higham (Independent) 910 (69%)

Linda Pierce (Labour) 403 (31%)

Turnout was 54.3%

Difficult to draw any conclusions from this by election except that Labour's proportion of the vote halved from 31% to 16%, which is not good news for the local MP, David Hanson.


Anonymous said...

Doh. Fourth out of five...what ever happened to that Lib Dem by-election magic?

Anonymous said...

Surely coming bottom of a five candidate field is the most important conclusion (other than Plaid not standing a candidate themselves...)

Anonymous said...

Labour vote plummeted despite candidate being quite well known.