Saturday, 21 November 2009

Not in our town

Today's Wrecsam Communities Festival went off without incident - even though the weather was terrible. By contrast the English Defence League's invasion of Wrecsam consisted of 30 Bolton Wanderers thugs commandeering Wetherspoons and chanting "We want our country back" and then singing "God save the queen" while waving the flag of St George.
That went down like a cup of cold sick with local shoppers, who told them plainly to go back to their own country and that these are our streets.
There's a lot more to say about the way that 30 thugs were able to disrupt an entire town. The people of Wrecsam can be incredibly proud of how they stood up to the racist provocation of the EDL and showed them up as the pathetic boneheads they are.


Anonymous said...

650 cops nicked 5 thugs, excellent value for money

Anonymous said...

Good to see BNP councillor Malcolm Hughes alongside "Tommy" in town today - the EDL has been a disaster for the local BNP

Jo Horton said...

Plaid always hype things up!

Fully agree complete waste of money. I wonder how much this operation cost?

Does Plaid Whitegate ever sing "God Save the Queen"?

Anonymous said...

Sad to see they were supposed Bolton "fans". The club together with the boxer Amir Khan have worked hard to try and drive these people out.

Anonymous said...

Welsh Defence League and Casuals United organiser "Mike Smith" is said to be none other than BNP Wales organiser Roger Phillips, and anyone who still thinks the EDL aren't a front for BNP and NF activists should watch these videos...




Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Plaid always hype things up!

How do you work that one out? We challenged the Police and Council for going over the top and giving the EDL undeserved publicity. It wasn't us who dicouraged people from coming in town today!

Anonymous said...

Videos shot inside the EDL Wrexham protest were posted by a You Tube user called NSMIKE266, aka veteran NF activist and Nazi skinhead "Wigan Mike" Heaton (the "NS" stands for "National Socialist" and this berk also posts on MySpace as "WiganMike88" - "88" meaning "HH" meaning "Heil Hitler"). Mike also posted on-line about going to the EDL protest in Birmingham to attack "n*****s and Muslims". Here's one of his Wrexham videos...


Here's a clear visual of Wigan Mike making sweet music with one of his shaven chums...


And here's another photo of our man showing his support for the Welsh people...

The terrorist and killer Johnny "Mad Dog" Adair mentioned in that last article is also connected with EDL leader and former drug dealer Paul Ray

Anonymous said...

The number of police was down to their own planning and intelligence. Wrexham Communities Against Racism did a fantastic job in a very short space of time and went out of their way to avoid confrontation.
Today's standing protest was actually an offical Welsh Defence League event, so it appears that Bolton is the home of the WDL.
I cannot understand people criticising WCAR when the EDL created this situation, as they did in Swansea and Newport.

Plaid Whitegate said...

No, I'll never sing God Save Our Queen. Not my queen, I'm a citizen not a subject. The EDL showed their true colours today.

Plaid Whitegate said...

What did the EDL sing in our streets?

"Kill the Muslims"


"Pakis off our streets"

What the hell were the police thinking of allowing these race hatred inciters on our streets? The police knew these guys inside out so why let them stop the traffic, gather an audience and dictate the agenda with their racist, moronic chants?

Can North Wales Police answer that> £100,000 wasted on 50 nazis?

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid they WERE in your town. The insane strategy of deliberately ignoring the racists means they are able to claim a successful demo.

When the EDL said they were coming to Newport the response what much clearer. Newport Communities Against Racism made a commitment to confront the EDL and chase them out of our city if they dared to show their face. Unsurprisingly they didn't turn up and given the militant response from ordinary Newport people they are very unlikely to ever darken our streets again.

The separate event by WCAR only showed that Wrexham is a safe place for fascists to march. I fear you may well have to deal with these thugs again.

Plaid Whitegate said...

Anon 12.14 - 30 boneheads standing outside Wetherspoons chanting "bouncy, bouncy" behind a St George's flag is a successful demo?
The real success they enjoyed was in creating a climate of fear in town that meant any black or Asian people kept away. Amid the concern by the authorities to "be neutral" and allow the EDL to protest, their rights were ignored.
The communities festival tried to overcome that. I'm not going to discuss tactics about confronting fascists on the internet but it's very easy to condemn without contributing to the event.

Proper Tidy said...

Anonymous at 12:14 - the Wrexham model was heavily influenced by the Newport model, which blatantly was not to "chase them out of our city if they dared to show their face" but was to celebrate Newport and its communities.

The 30 or so EDL in Wrexham were opposed outside Wetherspoons by three times as many people; crucially, these were not anti-fascist campaigners or left-wing politicos waving placards, which would allow the EDL and the media to twist events, but ordinary working people from the town who were revolted by a bunch of violent racists jumping about in our street.

Meanwhile, the community festival was attended by hundreds throughout the day, was peaceful, excellent fun despite the monsoon conditions, and was a great advert for the town; the EDL could only muster two or three dozen, mostly from Bolton, whereas WCAR's event attracted a great many local people, who left with a powerful pro-community and anti-discrimination message.

Indeed, we had a speaker from Newport Communities Against Racism, who quite rightly praised both the event and the public response in Wrexham. Yesterday was very successful and Wrexham very clearly demonstrated that we will not allow the EDL to use us as a political football.

I'd be interested to know if you were actually involved in NCAR or if you are just a side-line critic? Judging by the kind of posturing hit-and-hope anti-racism you propose, I'd say the latter.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Anonymous at 12:14 - This is what Grangetown Jack had to say on his blog:

"Today, about 30 Bolton Wanderers football hooligans took a day trip to Wrexham. They went into town, got drunk, sang football songs and shouted racist slogans, appalled locals who were passing by and were moved on by the police.

This rabble was not at an away match for Bolton Wanderers, but was the 'official Welsh Defence League' standing protest in Wrexham.

Meanwhile a local organisation called 'Wrexham Communities Against Racism' held a multi-cultural festival in the town's Queens Square, where 200 people turned up on an appallingly wet day to celebrate the town's proud multi-cultural community. They deliberately ignored the racist visitors in order to ensure law and order on their home patch. What a contrast.

How may you ask do I know these drunks were from Bolton? Well, unfurling a large English flag with 'Bolton Wanders FC' written on it, is a bit of a give-away. Were they really racist and abusive do you ask? Well, they were heard to chant the following: -

'Kill the Muslims'
Paki's off our streets'
'Let's go fxxxxxg mental' (to a drunken dance)

Need I say more?

I am very proud of the way in which the festival in Wrexham not only put on a show of hope, but chose to ignore the message of hate from the EDL-ensuring that there was no trouble. Contrary to reports, there was no confrontation between any local protesters and the drunken EDL racist yobs. I re-iterate the point that there is no such thing as the Welsh Defence League and every effort by the EDL to create it has been a miserable failure. However, I also re-iterate that this does not mean that we do not have fascists in Wales, as the recent BNP European vote clarified.

Well done Wrexham and your local community campaign. You did Wales proud."

Proper Tidy said...

Superb comments from Grangetown Jack.

You would think the growth of the BNP and the sudden arrival of groups such as the EDL, not to mention the resurgence of the NF, who were practically extinct a few years back, might be cause to question whether the old dogmas of anti-racism and anti-fascism actually still work and whether we should pay a bit more attention to public perception - although apparently not for anonymous at 12:14...

I await the inevitable "it's just like the 1930's let's smash the fash" response.

Tom said...

I was very much involved in NCAR and it's good to see that Wrexham mobilised to oppose the EDL.

For the record: In Newport we spread the word that we considered the "anti-mosque demo" to be totally unacceptable and publicly said we intended to confront the EDL. I feel this was the entire reason why the EDL failed to show their faces.

Proper Tidy said...


The EDL were confronted, by 150+ working people from the town, from Wrexham fans to little old ladies out shopping.

NCAR worked because the EDL could see that Newport was united in opposition to the EDL; to do this you have to bring together some pretty disparate sections of the community. It is this that intimidated the EDL. Do you really think a network of football hooligans are frightened of confrontation? That is the whole point of hooliganism. What they are frightened of is being shown up, of being made to look like mugs.

It was because of the organisation of NCAR that the EDL failed to show; and it is because of the organisation of WCAR that the EDL failed to muster decent numbers.

Tom said...

Proper Tidy.

I accept that both groups were/are organised. The difference is one of tactics, most specifically the publicly stated intent on confrontation.

I believe that if we in Newport had got twice as many people on board for the mobilisation but had failed to call for a confrontation and held a separate event at the same time elsewhere instead, the EDL would have come to Newport.

Considering the presence of three EDL 'spotters' at our event (hastily dragged away by police) it may have been that the EDL did come to Newport, but having witnessed the large and boisterous crowds thought better of making a go of it.

Proper Tidy said...


We didn't call for a separate event at the same time; we simply had no idea of where the EDL would go. We therefore opted to take the largest open area, Queens Square. Once we had booked the square, and given the extremely high level of Police interference, we were committed to it. Sound familiar?

Newport was fantastic but it is nonetheless pointless to debate what would, hypothetically, have happened in Newport to what actually happened in Wrexham. You still appear to miss the point; Newport and Wrexham were both static demonstrations, not marches. As for the reasons why the EDL came to Wrexham but backed out of Newport, well I'm certain that there were many contributing factors - geography, for example.

The 'tactics' were markedly similar, whether people choose to acknowledge it or not.

The reality is that at most 40 EDL were present at Wrexham, and they were confronted by a much larger number of people. In addition, the community festival went very well and earnt praise for its peaceful and celebratory nature. The end result is that the EDL were laughed and mocked out of town, the newly-founded anti-racist coalition has built up a degree of kudos that will allow us to build a stable community-led permanent local organisation which can effectively challenge the far-right on a regular basis, and neither the media nor the far-right can allege that the only opposition to the racists were UAF and Antifa, or that 'both sides are as bad as each other', because it was quite clearly local people, some might say 'lads', resisting the EDL.

Personally, I can't see how this could have developed any better than it has, from a short-term and long-term perspective, in the circumstances we found ourselves in, and the few criticisms I have heard, all incidentally from people who were not there, seem to be either very short-sighted or based on inaccuracies.

Anonymous said...

So are you lot now going to start on new labour,the most extreme right wing organsiation in the UK today...ooops...sorry I forgot,Plaid are hand in glove with Nu Labour(I keep forgetting)

Anonymous said...

Any evidence that Roger Phillips is involved with Casuals United?