Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Planning committee fires warning shot on Mold Road over-development

Last night's planning committee came close to rejecting plans by Glyndwr University for a new building. On the chair's casting vote, the application was approved but only after a heated debate about parking and congestion problems in the area surrounding the University site.
This highlights growing concerns that the Mold Road "gateway to Wrecsam" is over-developed and over-congested. The rapid growth of the University has compounded the problem, but planning permission has already been granted for hundreds of flats along the Mold Road corridor quite apart from the 700 planned for the Crispin Lane area. Very few, if any, will be affordable to people on an average Wrecsam wage. Most, like the Caxton Place tower blocks, will be £150,000 apartments available for rent at £550-600 a month.
This, coupled with growing unease about the rising tide of Houses in Multiple Occupation in certain concentrated parts of town, will need to be addressed head on by both the council and wider community if we want to ensure that Wrecsam's main gateway does not become a gridlocked high-rise hell.

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