Monday, 2 November 2009

Policing Pledge Inspection

North Wales Police along with all the other Police forces in England and Wales were inspected by HM Inspectorate of Constabulary in July 2009. The purpose of the inspection was to grade the performance of the force as to the implementation of the Policing Pledge which was introduced in December 2008. The Policing Pledge sets out ten minimum standards and commitments in relation to accessibility, availability and responsiveness of the Police. To gather the evidence the Inspectors undertook the role of ‘mystery shoppers’ by attending meetings, calling at Police Stations, telephoning and emailing officers.

The overall picture was disappointing with no forces being graded excellent, 8 being graded good, 33 being rated fair and two being rated poor.
The four Police Forces in Wales were all graded overall as Fair, which means,
…is awarded where performance is variable and falls short of the required standard. Remedial action is needed.

Even though the 4 Welsh forces were graded Fair there was variability amongst the Welsh forces with North Wales Police coming third out of four, for example Gwent were judged to be ‘good’ in 6 out of 13 areas inspected, whilst North Wales Police only had 3 out of 13 areas judged to be good.

The HMIC's Report was published on the 6th October 2009, but it would appear that very few Police Forces have publicised their respective reports. Had the forces received Excellent grades that fact would have been splashed across the pages of the national and local papers. Is this therefore an attempt to hide bad news from the public; and where are the Police Authorities who are supposed to ensure an efficient and effective Policing Service and hold Police Forces accountable?

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