Monday, 2 November 2009

Wrecsam Communities Against Racism

A new campaign to challenge the English Defence League (EDL) has been set up after it called for a demonstration in Wrexham on November 21st.

The EDL is a racist organisation intent on creating friction between communities. It claims to be a non-racist group opposed to political Islam, yet at every public outing the EDL shows its true racist and fascist colours.

Wrecsam Communities Against Racism is modelled on the successful Newport group who mobilised to oppose an EDL protest there two weeks ago. More than 500 people came out on the streets to show that fascists will not be tolerated - the EDL was nowhere to be seen.

As WCAR says:

We cannot allow this group of extremists and racists to divide our communities. I call on the trade unions, the football supporters' groups, community groups, religious or secular, and last but not least the people of Wrexham to come out on mass on November 21st and show our opposition to the EDL. We must stand shoulder to shoulder in opposition to racism and thuggery. This campaign aims to bring together all groups, organisations and individuals who care about Wrexham and who stand opposed to racism and to the EDL.

An organising meeting to put on a festival to celebrate our town on the 21st is being held at the Lager Club, Union St, Wrecsam, at 7.30pm this Wednesday. All anti-racists and anti-fascists welcome to attend.


Anonymous said...

Wonder if the EDL will want to go for a "traditional British" lager and curry after their Sieg Heiling?

Nah, those pesky Germans gave us Wrexham Lager when they came to Cefn Mawr - no doubt they'd hvae been repatriated before they'd brewed a barrell.

And we all know that Sick Nick Griffin thinks every curry house is a breeding ground for terrorism and paedophilia.

Tommy said...

""We cannot allow this group of extremists and racists to divide our communities. ""

Are we talking about the EDL,or are we talking about New Labour,who invaded a muslim country(two in fact) and murdrerd hundreds of thousands of its men women and children.