Thursday, 19 November 2009

Wrecsam Communities Festival this Saturday

If you've got a spare couple of hours between 11am-4pm on Saturday, November 20, come to Queen Square in Wrecsam town centre to take part in the Wrecsam Communities Festival.

It's been called at short notice to show Wrecsam's positive side in the face of a provocation by the English Defence League, which claims to want to come to our town to protest. In fact, it just wants to target Muslims with its message of hatred.

The key message from the festival, which is free and features some top bands and local entertainment, is that Wrecsam's united against racists like the English Defence League and their bonehead supporters.

See you at the festival!


Anonymous said...

The EDL hate muslims..that's obvious,so Wrexham Communities Against Racism get support from the Labour Party(via searchlight)..but the Labour Party hate Muslims too,in fact they murdered hundreds of thousands of men women and children in Iraq.
Why is it that people simply can't see the very sad irony here.

Plaid Whitegate said...

Tom - you must have more information than I do about Labour's support for Wxm Communities Against Racism. Tonight's organisational meeting had a range of community groups and organisations represented but no-one from Labour, as far as I'm aware. Please enlighten us - or perhaps you just don't want any form of activity to counter the EDL.
I hope to see you on Saturday.