Monday, 14 December 2009

Catalonia - A Self Assured Nation.

Congratulations to those Catalonians that went out to vote in favour of greater autonomy and a voice in Europe yesterday, it was an emphatic Yes vote albeit on a low turnout and it's a shame the result won't be binding on the Spanish state.

What this shows is the self assuredness and self confidence of a people proud to be called Catalans. This is something I think we in Wales are missing and particularly so when I read the comments of those Welsh defeatists and apologists like Stonemason and Noah Sembly.
It is not just Catalan politicians that promote Catalan autonomy or independence it is also their civic leaders like Joan Laporto the Chairman of Barcelona Football Club who in supporting the Yes vote said:
"Catalonia is dying, they are killing it and we must react...No Catalan can accept the fiscal pillaging that we are suffering nor the attacks on the rights and freedoms of Catalonia."

With the exception of the Archbishop of Wales what other civic leader do we have who would come out and defend Wales in similar terms?

To win a referendum convincingly we need to get these civic leaders on board.


StickyVicky said...

Great news. Pity about the grocer's apostrophe in the first line.

Pelagius said...

You are right, of course. It's a good job Jill Evans took the trouble to go there, see for herself and report via blogs and press articles. At least she's got out of the narrow British paradigm which, I fear, is the Cardiff Bay consensus.

Wales' independence becomes more likely when it's joined with our European sister nations. What's the combined population of all the 'sub-merged nations' fighting for freedom? If the argument is confined to this island, it will be seen as oddball. In a continental context, it's normal.

Add the independence parties to the linguistic rights movements across Europe - which EFA does - you have a powerful and growing political movement. And working with the Greens makes it that much stronger again.

I just feel Plaid needs to embrace this project more.