Sunday, 27 December 2009

Coming up on the rails

I'm not normally a betting man but these odds suggest Ladbroke's haven't visited Wrecsam recently:

Labour 1/2
Con 7/2
Lib Dems 4/1
Plaid 50/1

(Funny odds for a two-horse race (c) Lib Dems)

So a tenner it is on Arfon to win!

The last time I won with odds like that was Mac's Chariot at 33-1 at Aintree. Last race on the Grand National card and it paid for the whole day out.


Anonymous said...

What's with Arfon's white suit?

He's certainly no Martin Bell.

Plaid Whitegate said...

And your point is...

Keith said...

Oh come on, this is like when you were in Forward Wales and claimed they would sweep to victory.

The Plaid vote is fairly regular, looking at election data - and it is generally less than 2,000 votes. Even at the high point for you so far of the Euros (which is when those results were set) you were FIFTH, even behind UKIP. The Tories won there, not Plaid.

These results are not terrible like Forward Wales' general election results were when you ran that campaign, but unless you can get all your supporters out, plus win people from the centre (unlikely with your core vote strategy of talking about anti-Welsh conspiracies all the time to galvanise activists) not enough for Plaid to win.

Posts like this make you look like fools.

However, keep it up, it makes it easier for us Tories to win!

Anonymous said...

No anti Welsh conspiracies, the Wales Spatial Plan and all other documents are there for everyone to see if of course you can be bothered to read them.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Anon - It's not a white suit, its cream and ideal for the summer months, Martin Bell didn't cross my mind when I bought the suit so as Marc said, what is your point?

Anonymous said...

The Tories will never win Wrexham, most of Rossett for god's sake vote for UKIP. What chance have you got?

Plaid Whitegate said...

Lighten up Tory Keith... it's a Christmas punt not a long-term electoral strategy.

Another example of Tory jitters because they know that working-class voters across Wrecsam (who stayed at home in the Euro election) won't turn to the Tories.