Monday, 28 December 2009

Kneel Kinnock

Neil Kinnock is a politician who has neither the grace or humility to retire quietly. In the Observer magazine he pontificates about the Murdoch press supporting Cameron, forgetting the 12 years of support Labour enjoyed from The Sun:

One fundamental to remember – and this applies certainly to the events of this autumn – is that the Murdochs always follow the money. If they think they will make money they will accommodate just about any movement in politics. I've always said that the day after they decide there's money to be made in the single market they will start to favour the Euro. That's part of their DNA.

That seems to sum up the Kinnocks rather well too.

Kinnock's left-wing rhetoric was abandoned the higher up the greasy pole he went in London. The Valleys boy took nine months to find a miners' picket line in his own constituency - perhaps because he was living in the Thames Valley by then. His leadership of Labour in opposition was characterised by the "prawn cocktail offensive" to convince a sceptical City that Labour would allow the bosses and bankers a free rein just like the Tories (and look how well that turned out).

He was fiercely anti-EU until offered a job as EU Commissioner. He was equally against the House of Lords until he was offered a peerage.

The only position he still holds to from the 70s is as an anti-devolutionist. Kinnock was an anti-devolution rebel in 1979 and sticks to the belief that the Welsh people are incapable of running their own affairs.


D Hughes said...

There will be some of course that will defend Kinnock regardless of the truth. He viciously attacked the great Welsh patriot, Gwynfor Evans. The man who threatened a hunger strike, to fast to death over his values, was Kinnock ready to give his life over his values, over the miners of Wales for example? Not on your life. He as far too wrapped up in his own personal ambition and self-interest to care about that.

Chris Heaton-Harris MEP summed it up well on former socialist Lord Kinnock of Bedwellty ‘Never has a person been so well rewarded for being such a miserable failure.’

Strathturret said...

Yes I never understood old Labour MPs who went to Lords, it seemed like awful hypocrisy. Of course I was terribly naive. I did not know about the generous expenses and attendence allowances!

Anonymous said...

Labour's Lord Morgan accused him in a recent speech of using the 79'no' campaign to raise his profile for career purposes. He was to say the least, bitter about Kinnock.

Pelagius said...

Didn't this parasite chair something called 'Big Business for New Labour" recently?

And it show what a sh*t newspaper the London Observer is. Never buy it myself.