Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Leader opinion poll - 55% want greater devolution

It's not often a Wrexham Leader headline makes the heart skip a beat but today's did. It features a bold proclamation: "Make us a real nation" and an exclusive poll showing 55% support greater law-making powers for Wales.
The poll by NWN Media centred on North-east Wales, where support for devolution in 1999 was relatively low. Despite low numbers, the straw poll makes for interesting reading with even Flintshire coming out 38-32% in favour with the rest undecided.
Figures for Montgomery were 70-30 in favour of greater powers (good news for Heledd Fychan!) but Rhyl voters were equally enthusiastic.
The Leader readers polled had interesting anecdotes to relate. One had benefitted from WAG's ReAct package after being made redundancy: "I have since retrained and got another job so devolution has worked for me".
The coming referendum on Assembly powers will disappoint many because it does not go far enough. Many of those questioned for the Leader wanted Scottish-style powers and that will not be the case this time round.
Carwyn Jones and other AMs have got the endorsement of the most devo-sceptic part of Wales to go much further than Hain's mealy--mouthed Government of Wales Act 2006. Let's go for it.


Anonymous said...

excellent news and also confirmation that the best way to win support for more powers for the Assembly is for the Assembly Government to actually do things.

The 8 first years under Labour were wasted with the Assembly having very little to actually show - will Rhodri Morgan go down in history for introducing free bus passes - is that it (as a member of Pontarddulais Male Voice Choir said on an interview for the BBC).

Now that Plaid are in government more new and different policies are being introduced which gives people a better idea of what the Assembly can do. That's shown by the man's reaction to ProAct.

So, Labour and Plaid - implement new policies, don't be timid, don't listed to the institutional anti-Welsh default of the 'Welsh' civil service.

Don't waste time like Labour did for the first 8 years.

Anonymous said...

Plaid have still to prove themselves big time within the assembly.
No clear policy on the building of council houses has been a big let down with any true commitment being replaced with mumblings about building "affordable housing" which could and does mean little,and utterings from the deputy housing minister that councils should "make up their own minds" when travelling the stock transfer route
Also massive support by Plaid for the Badger cull is viewed by many of us as a fatal mistake.I for one joined Plaid on the understanding that it was animal friendly.But what we are seeing is an assembly that to outsiders appears to be in the pockets of the farmers lobby.