Monday, 21 December 2009

More ex Police PPC's.

Three of Plaid Cymru's Prospective Parliamentary Candidates are retired Police Officers of North Wales Police, Dylan Rees in Ynys Mon, Phil Edwards in Aberconwy and myself in Wrecsam. The Liberal Democrats have now decided to jump on the band wagon and selected ex Deputy Chief Constable, Bill Brereton as their PPC for Delyn to challenge David Hanson. I wonder if Ian Gunning another ex NWP officer and now Conservative Councillor on Denbighshire Council will be looking to join this 'exclusive' club!


Pelagius said...

OK, so where do the 'Plaid Three' stand on ID cards, slavish New Labour policing 'targets', intrusive electronic monitoring, the classification of political activists as 'domestic subversives' (with constant surveillance) and Nigel Green's recent research about modern police forces manipulating crime reporting? Just to keep you busy over Christmas.

But seriously, I would like to know. Policing trends in the name of 'national security' are deeply worrying. I was at a 100% peaceful demonstration recently. Everybody on it - about 50 people - was photographed extensively by police, aggressively and intrusively, stills and film. I spoke to the (local) officer in charge, commenting that police tactics were alienating people. He looked embarrassed and shrugged his shoulders. But an aggressive little squirt next to him, one of about ten who were taking pictures, smiled and said "who gives a f*ck".

cymrumark said...

heading ever closer to a police state then :)

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Pelagius - I share your concerns I believe that the thousands of pieces of legislation that this Labour administration has passed since 1997 seriously erodes our civil liberties. Admittedly it is a fine line between anti terrorism policing and civil and human rights. Whilst in the Police I objected strongly to the taking of DNA from 'innocent' people and I still stand firm on that. I was recently criticised by an ex colleagues for joining a supporters group on Facebook that criticised the Met for their misuse of Section 44 of the Terrorism Act, when it comes to asking people to stop and account when all they are doing is taking photographs of landmarks like St Paul's, House of Commons etc.
See also Einstein's quote at the top of this blog! So, no I won't be supporting ID cards or any other legislation which impinges on the rights of an individual unless the public interest case is overwhelming.

Pelagius said...

Really pleased with your response. Thanks. Power to your elbow getting this message over.

Tyrone said...

Of course, repressive policing has been with us for long before New Labour's dodgy laws.

Many current and former coppers did things during the Miner's Strike, for instance, they would not be proud of.