Sunday, 6 December 2009

Police Fiddling Figures.

Now its always been very easy to make accusations that senior Police Officers have been fiddling crime figures and I've always known myself that it went on but proving it has always been very difficult especially as the 'goal posts' would always be moved every few years therefore making comparisons very difficult. I was therefore very pleased to see this article in today's Sunday Telegraph which proves what we've always suspected, that police statistics have and are being manipulated. This is what Denis O'Connor HMI Constabulary said in his official report,
"published an official report into the way police record violent crime and admitted the figures may be skewed by "perverse incentives" around government performance targets"

This is a terrible indictement on a government who has held up Performance Management and bonuses as a way of improving public services when in fact it encourages unethical behaviour, and is a corrupting influence on public services.


Anonymous said...

You are right. This story is frightening. Especially as they regard us as "domestic extremists".

But has anyone heard of PAW? Police Authorities Wales is a joint committee, has Plaid members on it and, as I understand it, includes "national security" as part of its remit.

Thinks: what do they all do in Cardiff Bay? Or have I missed their illuminating, penetrating report on this new body? Has Plaid ever discussed it?

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

I know there is an All Wales Police Authority which was established at the time of possible amalgamations. It used to be chaired by Cllr Ian Roberts, Chair of North Wales PA and Wrecsam Councillor. I'm sure there are Plaid Councillors on the PAW but to be honest no Council's or political parties seem to get a report on Police Authority activities. This is something I'm trying to address locally by getting NWPA members to provide Full Council with a 6 monthly report on activity...least the Chair can do for £24,000 a year!

Anonymous said...

PG, thanks for offering to take this up. We are talking about the same body. Of course, as a statutory joint committee it is autonomous of the counties, except for funding. It must be somewhere in each authority's accounts.

It has its own public web-site which is quite informative:

My question really is its political role on behalf of the state and how Plaid is dealing with this, especially in Cardiff Bay where, I believe, the power of oversight lies.

Plaid Whitegate said...

I doubt WAG or the Assembly as a whole has any oversight of this body because policing and prisons at the moment are not a devolved issue. It's controlled in London by the Ministry of Justice, which might explain the mess they've made of the N Wales prison issue.
Interestingly, nobody in N Wales has accused Westminister of "being remote" or called for it to be scrapped!