Sunday, 13 December 2009

Tiger Woods takes advantage of our libel laws.

I have written previously here and here on libel laws in the UK and the need for reform of these antiquated repressive laws. Tiger Woods is the latest foreign resident to get an injunction out in UK courts to prevent UK media outlets further reporting on Woods's personal life. Lawyers describe this latest controversy as 'unbelievable.' Gavin Millar a QC commenting in the Guardian says,
"Woods would not have got an injunction like this in America. Privacy law is weaker in America than it is her."

Given that there is an injunction against UK based media outlets I wonder if Guido Fawkes is aware of something the rest of us are not or is he just sticking two fingers up at the injunction for the sake of free speech?. He is either being very silly or very courageous, but whichever way it is I hope he has the resources behind him to defend any action!


Anonymous said...


I think our disgust should not be what Tiger Woods has got up to with other women.If you want to see the real immorality just look at those disgusting sponsorship deals.Coca Cola paid him 60 million dollars over 5 years.All this for a bloke who knocks balls into little holes.
Football is just as bad.
There is a sickness in our society and it is what I like to call celebrity sicknes.Our newspapers are dominated by celebreties who have little talent and are massively overpayed.
The reason for it os to stop people thinking about the real issues in life.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Gilette have pulled out of their sponsorship deal with Woods

James D said...

It probably helps that Mr Staines is an Irishman with an interesting attitude to moving things off-shore. He's not the easiest person to get an enforceable injunction against.

But it is genuinely shocking that we cannot get rid of England's obsolescent libel law here in Wales. Even if we win our referendum, whenever it happens, we still won't be allowed to by the patronizing English failure to grasp the idea of popular sovereignty.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

See what Paul Flynn has to say in Mouths bandaged at