Saturday, 12 December 2009

Tory jitters

Iain Dale may be a Tory but he's not a blind loyalist. And he's honest enough to point a truth that is inescapable to any by-election watcher: The Tories are doing incredibly badly in local elections at the moment.

Jonathan Isaby has posted last night's local election results on ConservativeHome and described them as "disappointing". Indeed. Ok, you might think, what do a the results of a few council by-elections matter? And in some ways you'd be right. But these results are not isolated. There have been many similar results over the last few weeks. Invariably, Conservative vote shares are down and the party seems to be losing more seats in by-elections than it gains. Clearly, there can be peculiar local circumstances at play, but in seats like Wyre Forest, Tavistock and Weymouth & Portland (all parliamentary marginals), the Conservative should be gaining seats not losing them.

Anyone got any light to shed?

At a time when Brown's government is universally disliked and ridiculed, the Tories are unable to benefit either in the real polls or the opinion polls.

There's no doubt the Tories are getting jittery because the deal isn't sealed. This is clearly the case in England. In Wales and Scotland, they're coming from such a low base that some advance is almost inevitable. But here too, there is no appetite either for the Old Etonians who dominate the Tory front benches nor for the agenda of faster, deeper cuts they advocate.


Alex Caswell said...

Nice to see the Councillor for Whitgate is trying to create a class war.

Maybe he should consider the polls before judging an appetite.

North Wales is going from red to blue - NOT green..

Plaid Whitegate said...

As you can see, the Tories are getting jittery and very defensive about the "bash the poor" and "tax cuts for the rich" agenda of the Bullingdon boys. Class war is what these jokers are waging on the vast majority of the population who weren't born with a silver spoon in their mouths.