Sunday, 27 December 2009

What's the betting?

I wonder what the odd's are on March 25 as the election date following this report in today's
Gordon Brown allies (whoever they may be) are reported as saying:
But Mr Brown's key allies have disclosed a March election is "simply not going to happen". They insist the PM is focusing his intention on May 6, which is "very much the favoured polling date".

They go on to say,
"Everything is geared up towards an election in May. Most of the gossip about a March date was spread by David Cameron and the Tories in a failed attempt to destabilise us."

One indication of when the general election will be is whether Labour will move a motion in the House for a writ to hold a by-election in Leicester North West following the sad and untimely death of David Taylor MP. The normal time scale for a by-election is 3 months but some have been shorter i.e A writ had been moved for the Crewe by-election before Gwyneth Dunwoody was buried. On the other hand the writ for the Glasgow North East by-election was delayed until after the summer recess, so it was nearly 6 months from the resignation of the Speaker of the House Michael Martin to the by-election on November 12. There are however different rules for vacancies that have been declared during a Parliamentary recess when two members can move the motion.

Personally I would be very surprised if a by-election would be held for Leicester North West; would Gordon Brown really want to risk a bad performance before a general election? As for the date, well frankly, anything attributed to Gordon Brown's allies must be treated with a healthy degree of skepticism, and if it was true would Labour really leak it to the Mirror rather than a newspaper with credibility.


Keith said...

A man has died and all can you do is speculate about election dates (with lip service to him, though you would call him all names under the sun if he were still alive.) I am pleased that others, such as David Jones MP, treated him with more respect.

And they call us the nasty party.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Hid death was described as sad and untimely what more do you want me to say? People like Paul Flynn who knew him have paid tribute to David Taylor and from what I understand he was an independendantly minded MP who I'm sure will be missed as there are so few of them, even fewer on your benches.

Anonymous said...

Suppose its ok for the Tory Times to talk about a by-election following David Taylor's death is it?. Don't tell me a rabid Tory like you hasn't read Murdoch's rag this morning.