Thursday, 14 January 2010

36 nights of gritting

It's easy to criticise councils, but consider this: Tonight is the 36th night in a row that all trunk roads and A and B roads in Wrecsam will be gritted and all Priority 1 roads will receive treatment in the morning. Council workers have worked late nights and early mornings to ensure that the roads are gritted and to keep traffic moving.
Council staff also went to the salt mines (insert your own punchline here) last night and picked up 100 tonnes of salt to ensure Wrexham had a supply of salt for any further snow and ice.
People concerned about their bin not being emptied can leave their bins, recyclables and excess waste ready for collection over the coming days. Wrexham Council will be working Saturday and Sunday to try and catch up with missed rounds due to the severe weather experienced recently. Collections return to normal next week and Wrexham Council are advising that if missed collections are still not collected over the weekend to leave their bins, recyclables and excess waste for collection on their normal collection day.


Joan F said...

Its easy to defend a service when you represent an urban ward which probably had a dusting of snow!

Many villages across Wrexham were cut off, pensioners stuck inside their homes, public transport grinding to a halt and all this despite Councillor Bithell's press releases on gritting claiming Wrexham had been kept moving.

Should councils mislead the public? The press releases by the council were literally spin but no substance!

Plaid Whitegate said...

Wrexham town had more than a "sprinkling of snow" but I appreciate the likes of Bwlchgwyn got it bad, even though the main road was passable.
What I've posted up here are the facts, not spin.