Monday, 11 January 2010

Arlene Foster.

Arlene Foster is the acting First Minister of the Northern Ireland Assembly whilst Peter Robinson stands down for six weeks whilst the investigation continues. Foster defected from the UU to the DUP but was not known as a DUP insider and it would appear that her promotion has come as a surprise to all and sundry.

I must be honest I don't know how the acting first minister was selected but I would have expected Nigel Dodd, Deputy Leader of the DUP to take over the reins, so why didn't he? Did Martin McGuiness, Deputy FM or Sinn Fein have a say in Foster's appointment? Reading between the lines it would appear that Dodd's was more 'hard line' and less sympathetic to Sinn Fein's demands for the devolvement of Policing and Justice.

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menaiblog said...

She's no threat to Robinson because she's an ex UUP member & he's put her there because of that.

Won't save him though - he's toast.