Saturday, 9 January 2010

The Bodelwydden Referendum.

Denbighshire County Council proposal to build a 2,000 house 'commuter estate' in Bodelwydden was heavily defeated in a community referendum held yesterday. Of the 1,645 residents entitled to vote 25.8% or 425 took part, with 394 voting against the development and 30 voting for the development. Congratulations to the residents of Bodelwydden for making a stand against the Council's proposal for the LDP which is basically an unsustainable commuter estate. Unfortunately the referendum result is not binding on Denbighshire anymore than the Rhostyllen referendum was binding on Wrecsam's Planning Committee who gave the NT permission to build 233 houses on green fields on the outskirts of Rhostyllen. This is the second referendum where local communitites have voted against their respective local authorities and its about time the Welsh Assembly Government took note of local democratic wishes and start reforming Welsh Planning laws...and to bin the Wales Spatial Plan...over to you Carl Sergeant.

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Pelagius said...

Congratulations all round! Still go for it as hard as you can. Is the LDP still a draft?