Saturday, 30 January 2010

The Crusaders, the Racecourse and crowd safety!

I won't say that I 'thoroughly' enjoyed my first rugby league game but I did enjoy it more as the match progressed and I began to understand the rules...I think!

What I wasn't that impressed with was the organisation around crowd safety and it was clear that the Stewards were not used to the numbers involved or they hadn't been properly briefed (I hope they were properly debriefed for future games).

It started off with confusion over the seat numbers, whoever was responsible for printing the tickets had forgotten to put on the tickets for the Yale Stand which part of the stand, the Centre or the Town End they were for! For example there is a Row M seat 10 in both the Town End and Centre block. You then end up with dozens of people milling around in the aisles and stairways trying to decipher the tickets and generally causing an obstruction which could have been critical in the event of an emergency. The Stewards when asked just shrugged and told people to sit anywhere. This confusion lasted most of the first half and ended up in a fight between several people in the Yale stand and it was several minutes later before a number of stewards turned up and finally resolved the problem. It would have been interesting to know where all the stewards were prior to the fight because they were not at the top of the stairs watching the crowds as they should have been.

Now I don't know whether rugby league matches have to comply with football legislation over crowd safety (Lord Justice Taylor's report following Hillsborough) but if they were then they failed the safety test last night. Irrespective of what Mr Justice Taylor said about terraces I would have felt much safer standing on the terraces than sitting in the Yale Stand.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the ticketing mess was due to this person?
red passion have got a hell of story here -

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Nothing to suggest a scam as far as I'm concerned. Its just that the tickets didn't give enough details on them as to location of the seats.

Cosmic Crusader said...

As far as I can see they just let the Leeds fans take all the seats behind the Directors box. Season ticket holders who had seats on the half way line, that they had paid a premium for had to sit in the blue seating. I myself had to tit in a far worse seat than the one that I purchased. They must sort this out. What is the point of paying £240 for a season ticket when you have to sit in the seats that would have cost £130.