Sunday, 10 January 2010

Devolution and the Affluent Scots!

Research carried out by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and reported in today's Sunday Times shows that in the decade since devolution Scotland has become the most affluent country in the UK:
Scotland is now the most affluent country in the UK, according to a new study which reveals that a decade of devolution has produced higher wages and less poverty and unemployment than in England.

The report, by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, suggests the north-south divide, which previously characterised Scotland as the poorer relation, has been reversed. Scotland now has fewer families living below the breadline, more people in work and higher average salaries than England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

I wonder what Stoney and his Welsh apologist mates have to say about that then?
Bring on the referendum!


Not the Messiah said...

What no one mentioned in the article is that for the preceding decades before devolution in 1997, the UK must have been holding Scotland back.

The UK is dead.

Pelagius said...

Wasn't Alex Salmond brilliant on the Adam Boulton show today? Crystal clear on independence. Hard as nails against British nuclear weapons. Total support of public services. Even promoting Scottish tourism. That's the way to do it!