Sunday, 10 January 2010

Nick Griffin...there's trouble ahead!!

It's never easy being the leader of a fascist party in a democratic society is it? And for Nick Griffin its getting harder and harder as it looks like Griffin won't be able to get his party to agree a change in the BNP's constitution to extend membership to 'non whites' by the deadline of the 28th January 2010, set by the County Court. This could result in Griffin and Simon Derby being heavily fined or even jailed if Trevor Phillips the head of the Equalities Commission decides to ask the Court to impose the sanctions. To read the full story go here

This is not the only problem that Griffin has; he also had until Friday last to explain in detail to the Electoral Commission irregularities in the BNP's financial returns. This follows the refusal of the BNP's Auditors to sign off the accounts. There is no update on the Commission's website to date.

On top of all this there is discontent within the party itself with a leading member or probably ex member now, publicly attacking Griffin and encouraging members of the BNP to join the National Front.

All in all we can just hope that all these troubles for Griffin will result in the BNP imploding before then can cause anymore tensions in this country.

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