Friday, 1 January 2010


RAG for Red, Amber and Green. This is system of traffic lights used to control the length of time an individual can speak in a debate and prevents those self important 'windbag' councillors from hogging the floor, has now been adopted by Flintshire as well as Ynys Mon, and is reported in today's Daily Post.

I would agree with Councillor Bernie Attridge that this is a waste of money and it begs the question about the standards and skills of those councillors who chair committees in Flintshire and Ynys Mon, if they have to resort to such methods to control meetings. I don't see this as a problem in Wrecsam and most councillors are polite and disciplined but as with all Councils we do have our notable exceptions who are particularly vociferous especially if the Press are within hearing!

Flintshire and Ynys Mon should send all their elected members on a course on Chairing skills...far more cost effective.

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