Saturday, 2 January 2010

Return our DNA!

North Wales Police has been criticised by the the Tory Shadow Immigration Minister Damien Green for hoarding DNA profiles of innocent people. Green says that North Wales have received 12 requests for removal of DNA from the database and have only complied in respect of two cases a rate of 17% compared to Cumbria's rate of disposal of 79%. Public demand for removal of DNA profiles of innocent people including children came about following a successful case to the European Court of Human Rights which decreed that UK law which stated that Police powers to take and retain DNA from innocent people breached Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights (The right to privacy etc). Go here for the full story
I recently made a Freedom of Information request of North Wales Police to ascertain information in respect of how many DNA profiles of innocent people they actually hold and I received the following response:

North Wales Police are unable to supply the information requested.
Although the way the information is held makes it easily retrievable for our policing purposes it would actually require a manual search of individual records to enable us to respond to your request.

I don't accept this and I have lodged a request for the refusal decision to be reviewed and my explanation for the review was that the Police know how many people have been arrested and how their cases have been disposed, this information is held on the Police National Computer as is details of DNA taken, North Wales Police have their own Force code so it should be fairly easy to retrieve the information requested. We shall wait and see!


alanindyfed said...

Dyfed police have got my DNA and I'm totally innocent!

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Write to the Chief Constable and request your profile is deleted from the DNA database and if they refuse complain to the Police Authority, then IPCC, then Home Secretary!

Danny01745 said...


I am one of those people in north wales who had my dna fingerprints and pnc record deleted.
you need to follow the exceptional case produre police by writting to the chief constable and explain why it is an exception case. they will take up to six months to get you profile cleared if the chief consatable agree how ever look at the home office website to the consulation on getting the right people on the data base. iand you will see that you have to pay £200 application fee to the magistright court to make the final decision.