Friday, 15 January 2010

Shop Till You Drop....!!

The Times Leader suggests that "Shop till you drop" should become South Wales Police's new motto following their new Chief Constable (of two weeks) Peter Vaughan's comments in an interview with the highly respected, and normally highly accurate, Jane's Police Review.

Mr Vaughan believes that because he is now Chief Constable the security risks he faces by doing his own supermarket shopping has increased because of his higher profile and recognition and he will no longer be able to do his own supermarket shopping. He is quoted as saying:
"I used to be able to walk around my local supermarket but now someone else will do my shopping for security reasons."

Mr Vaughan has inadvertently got himself into the news quicker even than Richard Brunstrom which must be an achievement in itself. I'm sure Brunstrom was never the subject of a leader comment and full article in the Times, two weeks into his tenure as Chief Constable. Now Brunstrom was not known for attracting positive news stories but I'm sure he's glad he never had a story that made him look quite as silly as Peter Vaughan.!

I would quite happily bet that Peter Vaughan will never have the recognition that Richard Brunstrom had and he was quite happy to mingle on his own with crowds in full uniform and he was also quite willing to get stuck in...on or off duty.

Mr Vaughan; what is required from you is a little bit more humility and courage and evidence that you're up to the job; we look forward to seeing your performance in the rough and tumble of St Mary's Street on a weekend!

Thanks to Inside out - a jaxxland perspective, for the use of the photograph.


Anonymous said...

Telling piece of news, this. Sounds about right. Very New Labour. Have you noticed, the UK Media is reporting the story straight: what the original story said, Vaughn's denial, and the Police Review editor's response. Our brave "Welsh" media gives Vaughan the benefit of the doubt. On balance, I believe the original report. I'm just more annoyed about our media: same as their lack of professionalism and objectivity over Sain Tathan.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

I have read Jane's Police Review for years when I was a Police Officer a journal held in high regard and integrity. I would sooner accept Chris Herbert's version than the Welsh establishment's. Remember how much advertising income Welsh newspapers get from local authorities the NHS Trusts and Police Forces, the Welsh media are very sensitive to criticism's from Welsh public authorities.

Rebekah's guests said...

No problem and thanks for the mention. Inside Out - A Jaxxland perspective.