Friday, 8 January 2010

Spotlight on the Robinson's!

Looks like we missed a cracking documentary on BBC NI's Spotlight last night where Iris Robinson's ex toy boy together with an ex aide did a pretty good destruction job on her and her husband, Northern Ireland's First Minister Peter Robinson. So the story runs something like this Iris Robinson was friends with Kirk McCambley's father who passed away and she comforted him (he was 19 she was 59). Iris also helped Kirk to get a council tenancy from Castlereagh Council on a pub/cafe, the only problem was she was a Councillor in Castlereagh and failed to disclose an interest. She then gets two developers to lend Kirk, £50,000 which they did but then she is alleged to have asked Kirk for £5,000 cash for the deal. Basically the sky's the limit when it comes to working out which rules (Westminster/Stormont/Castlereagh) she has broken and Sir Reg Empey Leader of the Ulster Unionists is quite right to call for her resignation from all three public positions, but Iris has already said she would withdraw from public life due to depression following an alleged suicide attempt after her affair with Kirk McCambley was admitted. This is not the first time the Robinson's have been in the news, they were heavily criticised in the Daily Telegraph following disclosure of their Westminster expenses claims when they both claimed the second home allowance on their joint London second home. At the time it was estimated that the Robinson's were raking in £550,000 per annum from Westminster and Stormont.

Following on from the Spotlight programme the spotlight moves now to Peter Robinson who had knowledge of his wife's financial affairs and did nothing about them which calls into question his judgement and integrity as Northern Ireland's First Minister and whether he should be forced to resign. There does seem however that there is a great deal of reluctance amongst NI's politicians to push the issue and the press in Northern Ireland are very defensive and protective of him. The suggestion seems to be that if he has the support of the DUP then he stays. Only time will tell but personally I think he should go but there again this is Northern Irish politics and what do I know about it?


alanindyfed said...

Politicians, like priests, should have to be celibate so they can devote all their energies to caring for their country and community. ;-)
In the case of NI it is only a matter of time before they are subsumed into a united Ireland.
The sooner that happens the better for the people of Ireland. After all, who wants to be a part of the UK?

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Alan - I find it extremely difficult to have any sympathy for Unionist politician like the Robinsons. I've heard thirty odd years of intolerance and bigotry from him and as for her after her homophobic comments I don't think there will many sympathetic voices. The big question is who will fil the Unionist vacuum will it be Jeffrey Donaldson and is he up to the job?

Anonymous said...

There is a difference between celibacy and cradle snatching?

Eamon Mallie's Twitter said...

DUP officers definitely meeting at half past four.There is a growing nervousness in Parliament Buildings

Dup officers' meeting has ben switched to Parliament Buildings at last minute.Keeping up with developments

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

The latest from a Pint of Unionist Lite

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Iris Robinson sacked by DUP as MLA in Northern Ireland Assembly.
Sky News.