Friday, 1 January 2010

Tories ready for change? You're having a laugh

Today's Big Leader has an advert from the Tory candidate Gareth Hughes, where the Obama message of "change" has been taken to heart. Unfortunately for the Tories, most people don't see that electing a barrister to replace a solicitor is much of a change.
So what kind of change does the London-based barrister (and intriguingly chairman of the British Comedy Society) advocate?
There are six slogans that range from the bland to the meaningless.
Who would really oppose "From recession... to recovery" or "From battling targets to fighting crime"? There is talk of a "new schools' revolution" and "putting patients in charge" of the NHS.
Of course there is no detail in how these little matters will be achieved. This is Cameron's biggest problem - the heir to Blair with an emphasis on spin not substance.
The key question, the economy, is blamed on Labour. But, although Labour is guilty of lack of regulation of the City, does anyone really think the Tories would have imposed greater regulation on their banking and business chums?
Both Labour and the Tories want public services to be hammered to pay for the debt crisis - services that directly affect the most vulnerable people in our communities. Many of these are people who lost their jobs because of the bankers' greed.
It's just as well the barrister likes a joke. Anyone claiming the Tories represent change is having a laugh.

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Unknown said...

No Unionist party can offer change to Wales and people should realise this.
What they will get is more of the same, but with higher taxes and deeper cuts. The only consolation is that if you cannot earn more you cannot pay more. Labour has inaugurated the Age of Austerity.
An independent Wales could do no worse.