Tuesday, 5 January 2010

WAG support for the North East of Wales!

Blog readers will be familiar with the irrational rants of the Welsh apologists on various blogs including Betsan's and the comments on Wales Online/Western Mail. Like the rest of Wales the North East are blessed with these individuals like Yachadda, Tommy and Roland Cleth who hog the comment pages of the Leader, the Wrecsam and Flintshire daily with their anti Welsh Assembly tirade.

I wonder what they will have to complain about now that the First Minister has given two North East Wales AM's Ministerial positions in the One Wales Government. Additionally the Welsh Assembly Government has assisted UPM at Shotton Paper in Flintshire to create 160 new jobs with a £1.7 million grant, this is in addition to the millions that WAG has given BAE Systems/Raytheon at Broughton over the years and credit must surely go to Plaid Cymru Leader and Deputy First Minister Ieuan Wyn Jones for supporting manufacturing in North East Wales.

Despite what the Welsh apologists (and the Lib Dems) are saying, the Welsh Assembly Government is not ignoring the North East of Wales.


Pelagius said...

Congratulations on the good news for the north-east and the post. Nice to see it's for manufacturing here too, and industry decimated by Labour.

Anonymous said...

this post is offensive, millions in to the war machine, i thought plaid did not sponsor war,have they moved the goal post