Sunday, 10 January 2010

What did the Tories expect?

Cameron's air-brushed posters didn't take long to get hammered, even if the Groucho Marx moustache was a bit childish.
Lesson 1 of political hoardings is don't leave too much white space for graffiti artists.
Lesson 2 is find a better slogan than "We can't go on like this".
It also begs a question that Cameron didn't answer on the Andrew Marr show this morning. If you're making cuts but not in the NHS, which accounts for 8% of all government spending, then how deep will cuts be in other areas - social services, education, pensions?
We know the Tories want to cut free prescriptions in Wales. What else will go with Groucho Cameron in power?


Pelagius said...

I've no problem with doing this to the Tories, but I would do exactly the same to Labour. Isn't it a fact that they have killed more people across the globe than the Tories since World War 2? Both these British nationalist parties want to continue with weapons of mass destruction, permanent war and much, much more.

As Alex Salmond said on Sky today, they are Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee.

Proper Tidy said...

Childish but very funny.

There are some brilliant ones out and about on the internet.

Anonymous said...

More like Hitler than Groucho Marx!

Anonymous said...

Interesting how Plaid are making a mess of the NHS now!

Plaid Whitegate said...

@anon 15:13 - in what way is Plaid making a mess of the NHS? Care to defend the Tory policy of re-introducing prescription charges in Wales?

Royston Jones said...

That some oaf should have linked Cameron to the immortal Groucho is an insult to one of the 20th century's greatest comedians.

However, if Cameron can become the Groucho Marx of the 21st century then I shall be very happy. Laffing, in fact.