Saturday, 27 February 2010


There was a byelection in Bridgend's Pendre ward on the 18th February; the result being a Labour gain from the Lib Dems. In May 2008 the Lib Dems took the seat with 278 votes to Labour's 270 votes in a two horse race. The recent byelection saw a total of 5 candidates standing including Conservative and Plaid Cymru. The result of the byelection was:

Labour 200 (37%)
Lib Dems 193 (35%)
Independent 68 (13%)
Conservative 60 (11%)
Plaid Cymru 25 (5%)

The Lib Dems blame the loss on 3 other candidates splitting the anti Labour vote but we would expect them to say that wouldn't we. The by election was caused by the sitting Lib Dem Councillor resigning due to ill health. There doesn't seem to be any local issues that affected the vote but there were criticisms on some Lib Dem blog that their campaign didn't succeed in getting out the vote. In the current climate it would appear that it wasn't so much as Labour winning the seat but rather the Lib Dems losing it.

Other byelections in England had the BNP and UKIP getting a reduced proportion of the vote (Liverpool Fazakerley for BNP and Evesham South for UKIP).

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