Saturday, 27 February 2010

Farage shames us all Other British MEPs are fed up with having to apologise for a fellow national

Excellent letter by the Lib Dem MEP, Fiona Hall in today's Times:

Nigel Farage’s insults to the European Council President Herman Van Rompuy are degrading and humiliating for other British nationals and for Britain’s reputation in Europe (leading article, February 26).

MEPs are entitled to question Van Rompuy’s appointment, but when Farage called him a “damp rag” and an “assassin” — caricatures that are rather difficult to reconcile — he tripped from the political into the personal. Describing Belgium as a “non-country” is the hackneyed put-down adopted by those who believe the global map should still be coloured red. Our European colleagues are not amused, and who could blame them in the face of such juvenile and ignorant behaviour?

Like a lager lout on a coach trip, Farage finds himself being given an ever widening berth by other British MEPs fed up with having to apologise for a fellow national. It is at moments like these that we need a European ASBO.

Nigel Farage is a disgrace, his arrogance and condescension is beyond belief. What right has to call Belgium a non country for calling for autonomy for the Flemish part and the French speaking Walloons. With a bit of luck his rudeness followed by his lack of remorse on Question Time will hopefully result in considerable electoral damage to UKIP, I hope Bercow thrashes him in Buckingham.

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Anonymous said...

But Belgium is a non-country. Why are Welsh nationalists supporting Belgium. At best I'm agnostic about it's future and would quite like to see an independent Flanders.

There was nothing discraceful about the Farrage's statements. Van Rumpoy (sorry for the spelling) was chosen because he is a wet blanket, has no personality and so will not upstate Merkel, Sarkozy or Brown. If he can't stand the heat (at £300k a year) then get out of the kitchen. He's a big boy no. Farrage isn't a diplomant and has no reason to hide behind weasle words.

As a Welsh nationalists I was glad to see somenone undermine the Belgium state - a state which has tried to undermine the Dutch language, has turned Brussels from a Dutch-speaking city to a French-speaking one and which was responsible for the attrocitites in the Congo.