Monday, 15 February 2010

Give the worker a full set of tools

How to explain the coming referendum in ways that does not involve "another step", "tidying-up exercise" and "we still won't have Scottish-style powers" is difficult. So perhaps we should be grateful to Carwyn Jones for giving us a very clear idea of what we'll be voting for sometime in the next year or so.

Hat tip to for pointing up this:

Welsh political watchers were also treated to Carwyn Jones with Andrew Marr yesterday morning. At bleeding last, a face to face interview with Wales’s leader and the man who could, in three months time, be the most senior elected Labour politician in Britain. And he did well. To me, the high point was the clever analogy about getting more powers for the Assembly.

“Well, I could talk about the constitutional situation in Wales, but can I explain it in this way? You hire three workers. With two of them, you give them a full set of tools. Call them Scotland and Northern Ireland. The other worker, you give that person an empty box and you say, ‘Each time you need a new tool, come to me, explain why you want that tool and then I’ll decide whether I’ll give you that tool.’ That’s Wales. What we want is a full set of tools in the same way as Scotland and Northern Ireland, so we can do the job properly.”


Penbedw said...

A very good analogy, as it was when Dafydd Iwan first voiced it several years ago. But it's good that Carwyn Jones spelled it out like this.

Anonymous said...

yes, that's pretty good ... now, how do you get that on a poster?

(avoiding the fact, that in Ceredigion Welsh, the diminutive of tool - 'twlsyn' is either a prat/idiot or a sexual organ!).

Anonymous said...

excellent analogy