Thursday, 4 February 2010

Living Pension pledge from Plaid

Plaid Cymru Press Release:

The man campaigning to become the next MP for Wrexham has pledged to fight for a "Living Pension" for every pensioner in the area.

Councillor Arfon Jones, of Gwersyllt, is standing for Plaid Cymru in the coming General Election and is backing his party's campaign for a Living Pension.

He said:
"As a candidate in this election one of my main concerns is that of elderly poverty, those people who have worked all their lives only to struggle on a small pension of 95 a week.

"Many older people dont know that they are entitled to a minimum guaranteed income of 130 per week for a single person or 198 for a couple. This is because they dont know about Pension Credit and, because it's means tested, so people have to apply for it.

"Many people have saved a little for their retirement and because they have savings they think they cannot have any more money, but that is not the case."

Cllr Jones, who also volunteers at the Citizens' Advice Bureau one day a week, said:
"The first 10,000 of savings is not counted when calculating Pension Credit.

"Married couple who have incomes in the region of 250 per week may still be entitled to some Pension Credit. There are 13,500 people over 65 years in the Wrexham Constituency and only a third of them are in receipt of Pension Credit."

He added:
"Research suggests that one third of all pensioners are eligible to Pension Credit but dont get it. This means that about 4,000 older people in Wrexham are losing out to the tune of 140,000 a week - or 7.2 million a year.

"I and Plaid Cymru believe that Pension Credit should be included in the State Retirement Pension and then everyone gets it automatically - 35 a week would make a massive difference to the lives of those people currently not getting Pension Credit."


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