Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Mersey Dee Alliance

The following letter was published in the Leader tonight and challenges Mark Isherwood's position on the Mersey Dee Alliance:

Dear Editor,

I would be grateful for an opportunity to reply to Mark Isherwood’s letter (Devolution Can Work for Wales, Leader, February 10th)
Mr Isherwood writes in praise of the Mersey Dee Alliance (MDA), the Regional Plan and the Wales Spatial Plan. I really don’t have a problem with cross border partnerships that benefit BOTH SIDES of the border but these partnerships are not equal, these plans aim to build 20,000 homes in North East Wales, but what does North East Wales get as an economic benefit from this partnership? What has it had up to now, has it had new jobs or better transport?

If you can answer that question Mr Isherwood you are doing better than the three representatives of the MDA who gave evidence to the Assembly’s Petitions Committee. Even the highly regarded North Wales Economic Forum are hard pressed to identify benefits arising from these plans and question what they have delivered from North Wales.

Mr Isherwood as an ex manager of a Building Society may well be happy to see Wrecsam, Flintshire and Denbighshire covered in concrete but I and thousands of other residents of these three counties are not.


True Blue Christian said...

If you take the trouble to read 'Gog in the Bay', Tom Bodden's Daily Post blog (link below), you'll see that Mark Isherwood is very, very industrious. Top of the league in fact. Mark drew up the table himself. Are you all jealous or something?

But the big surprise is that Dareen Millar AM comes so high, when he has, allegedly, his hands so full of other things.

I suppose he must devote himself to being on the job, conscientious, upright Christian that he is. And he gets up early every Sunday to check the News of the World. Do they have a lot of Abergele news in there?


Anonymous said...

Isherwood is the worst kind of self-important politician. Lovs the sound of his own voice, his column in the leader is just a list of "things I have done this week". Can he get any more pompus?

Paul said...

How many houses are being built in England under this plan?

Plaid Queensway said...

Plan is building between 13,000 and 14,700 for N W England. Building between 17,000 and 20,000 for N E Wales.

Anonymous said...

So does that mean 13000-14000 welsh people will be taking up residence in Cheshire? I guess not.

Anonymous said...

Probabl would be if they could afford egland's green and pleasant land