Wednesday, 10 February 2010

New video of EDL in Wrecsam


Frank said...

If you pause the video around 0:11 you will see a man with a black hood looking towards the right. This is "Wigan Mike" Heaton who was recently arrested for inciting people to murder Jews in a major police anti-terrorism sting.

He attended the Wrexham demo with Nazi skinhead Liam Pinkham, a member of the British Freedom Fighters.

Proper Tidy said...

Liam Pinkham is also in there, at 0:41. He's the diminutive chap with the England hoodie on.

Pino, as he refers to himself, is the charming wee felly who got done for threatening female staff at a Liverpool bookshop during a BNP rally.

Nice to see the kinds of people the 'anti-racist' EDL associate with, isn't it?

Oh yeah, and Wigan Mike - a committed 'national socialist' - was formerly an administrator on the main EDL forum. Luverly.