Monday, 22 February 2010

Plaid Values v Labour Values!

Letter sent to the Editors of the Leader and the Daily Post, 22nd February 2010.

Dear Editor,

It was magnanimous of Stephen Hester the Chief Executive of the Royal Bank of Scotland to turn down a £1.3 million bonus for overseeing a £5 billion loss at the bank this year. However it is a disgrace that the bank which is 84% owed by us the taxpayer intend to pay their investment bankers total of £1.3 billion in bonuses, an amount which is difficult to visualize. Suffice to say that £1.3 billion is enough to fund ALL hospices in the UK for the next 12 months. This clearly shows how far the Labour party have become removed from their original values. In Wales we are fortunate in that those that care about social welfare have another choice, Plaid Cymru, a party with a social conscience, and who wish to see taxpayers money being used to improve the lives of all and not just a select few.

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