Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Planning in Scotland.

Aviemore is not a particularly attractive town, it has developed as a tourist destination since the arrival of the railways around 1860 and was further developed in a rather hideous fashion in the 1970's with the building of the Macdonald Resort hotels with the Four Seasons towering over the resort.

Can we really imagine the Snowdonia National Park granting planning permission for an 8 storey concrete monstrosity in Llanberis? I can't see it myself. Talking to people who knew Aviemore before the arrival of Macdonald's Resorts there was major opposition to this development in the mid 70's and it makes one wonder who gave the planning permission, the local authority or the Cairngorms National Park; if it existed then.

I wonder what the Section 106 settlement (or similar) was to get planning for this building?, a minimum of a new school I would suggest!


Richard Thomson said...

Given that the Aviemoire centre opened in '66, and the Higlands and Islands Development Board didn't come into existence until '65, I'd suspect that the old Scottish Office would have played a major role in the development, even if planning consent needed to come from the (now defunct) Inverness-shire Council.

For the record, Macdonald Hotels took the site on in the last decade. I think it was Trust House Forte who ran the new resort originally.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Thanks for the clarification.

Evan Owen - Snowdonia said...

Section 106 is only one tool in the planning armoury for raising funds, unfortunately in Gwynedd, which includes the SNPA, these agreements are used to discriminate against locals and even within locals depending upon who you are, these restrictions include maximum selling prices, 4 mile radius, within gwynedd only, all in the name of meeting affordable housing targets which have been unatainable for decades thanks to the hysteria about 'inmigration'.

back to the subject, have you seen the bunker on the hill, the 'highest slum', the cafe on top of Snowdon? Have you seen the SNPA offices or the mansions they allow to be built for 'agricultural workers' and those in the clique? How about the monstrosity which is supposed to replace St David's hotel? Sorry for the rant but I thought some balance was in order.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

The rant is fine and I can see where you are coming from i.e. senior Gwynedd Councillors having caravan sites without planning. I quite like the HQ of the SNPA in Penrhyn but I've only seen the cafe on TV. Haven't seen no plans for St Davids just hope its better than Coleg Harlech's accommodation block and Theatr Ardudwy if it comes to that.
Although we have our monstrosities in the SNPA they are not quite as obstrusive as some in Scotland, also have a look at some of the new towns in Scotland i.e Cumbernauld!!

Plaid Queensway said...

Have you seen some of the new apartment buildings that have gone up in Llangollen? Unforgivable that they've got planning permission, totally out of keeping with the local area. Possibly Denbighshire council are to blame but I am aware of developments even they've turned down only to be over ruled by the planning Inspectorate.

The Planning Inspectorate deserves a blog post of it's own, some amazingly stupid decisions being made there.