Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Waste of Public Money

We on this blog have been highly critical of the Communites First projects mainly because of what we have seen locally in Caia Park and Plas Madoc and how money has not been used to the benefit of the community. We are therefore pleased to be vindicated with the publication of the Assembly's all party Public Accounts Committee who have published a critical report which said:
“It is disappointing that the Welsh Government did not adequately plan the Communities First programme. Flaws in its initial construction have allowed fissures to develop throughout the programme as it has progressed, making achievement of its ambitious goals more difficult.”

So much for Rhodri Morgan's 2001 flagship plan to reduce poverty by empowerment. So there we have it a significant proportion of the £214 million wasted, £140 million of that on administration. For a detailed account of the background go to Valleys Mam.

For us in Wrecsam we are still waiting the WAO report into the running of Plas Madoc Communities First which will probably not make pleasant reading for WAG officials when it is published.


Jonathan T Clark said...

The impression that a number of people got in Newport was that real grass roots community groups were being ignored or sidelined and that funds tended to be targeted towards groups or organisations that were seen as 'friendly' (for want of a better phrase) towards the Labour Party...

Anonymous said...

That's exactly what happened in Wrexham. One is chaired by a Labour Party member, another is run by a Labour Party member. It's the only way Labour can wield any power locally after losing all their councillors