Thursday, 25 February 2010

Wrecsam's Budget 2010/11.

Ar a meeting of Wrecsam CBC's Full Council last night the budget was passed relatively simply with our council tax increase at the lower end of the scale of 2.94% compared to a Wales average of 3.6%. The Wrecsam Council tax is well below the retail price index of 3.7%. The average Band D Council Tax will now be £862.92, the Police precept will be £201.33 and the average Community Council precept will be £35.04, making the average Band D Council Tax of £1100.55. There is a vast variation in Community Council precepts of £6.81 in Hanmer to £82.85 per year in Coedpoeth.

Wrecsam's total budget is £208 million up from £200 million in the last financial year, this is made up of £125 million Revenue Support Grant from WAG, £37 million Non Domestic rates and £44.6 million Council Tax.

The budget was passed by 34 votes to 10, with 1 abstention, with Labour voting against the budget despite there being no cuts to schools or essential front line services. To be honest the leader of the Labour Group was floundering in his attempt to justify voting against the budget.


Anonymous said...

Any criticism from Labour about budget setting is a joke, look at Neath Port Talbot, one of the few remaining council's in Wales in Labour control having to make 750 people redundant, at least in Wrexham you manage to avoid large scale redundancies.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Council tax in Wrexham is £300 a year less than the AVERAGE in England, no wonder there is pressure on housing.

Anonymous said...

How can Labour vote against a budget that increase monies to Children's Social Care by 12%. Plaid Cymru really have taken the socialist mantle away from Labour in Wales.

Anonymous said...

One of the Labour group evidently thought so too... I wonder how long there will be 11 in that group?

Plaid Whitegate said...

@Plaid Gwersyllt - had you being paying attention instead of Twittering :-)...

The average Band D council tax in
Wales - £926
Wrecsam - £862
England - £1439
(the gap between us and England is £513 or a tenner a week)

The average increases
Wales - 3.6%
Wrecsam - 2.9%
England - 1.8%

Tory AMs trying to claim the Welsh rise was double England's should bear in mind that Council Tax in England is 56% more expensive.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Easy mistake to make I added the police precept. I will try better next time!! Not sure about this Twitter business anyway.

council worker said...

There's talk of paying the Leader of the Opposition £9,000 extra money a year on top of his existing allowance. Is that conditional on being able to string a coherent sentence together?