Wednesday, 17 March 2010

City status for Wrecsam? Ask the people what they want

Posted by Cllr Carrie Harper of Queensway:

I'm intrigued by the latest flurry of calls, mainly from Labour politicians for Wrecsam to have City Status. Yet again, it would seem no one has bothered to ask the people of Wrecsam what they want. The bulk of politicians calling for this are not even from Wrecsam and therefore in my opinion are not best placed to decide what's best for the town. Each time the city status idea has been touted in the local press over the last few years, the vast majority of responses from local residents have been negative.

The latest calls have come from the manager of Eagles Meadow, who said in the Leader today:

“We’d be on top of the world if we achieved city status. It would be a massive fillip for the town and for business in the town. Eagles Meadow has enhanced Wrexham’s credentials as a shopping centre and city status would make us an even more attractive destination for shoppers and visitors.”

Not quite sure everyone would agree that Eagles Meadow has enhanced anything in Wrecsam, with one local Facebooker describing the new shopping centre as 'The tower of Mordor', not the first negative comment I've heard I have to admit. My personal opinion is that Wrecsam has historically been a market town and a town it should remain. I feel keeping this identity and building on this identity will give us the most sustainable economic future for locally based growth and therefore a better quality of life.

Whatever happens, the people of Wrecsam should decide the future of our town. We're the one's who live here, give us a consultation, let people ask the questions they want and put it to a vote.

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