Wednesday, 31 March 2010

One down, one to go - former Wrexham FC chairman's directorship ban

This news will cause some satisfaction among football fans in the know. Some of them made it their life mission to make sure that Guterman and Hamilton didn't get their hands on our club and its most valuable asset, the Racecourse. They nearly succeeded and it's only because of the dedication of that small band of supporters that prevented total disaster.
They were the spark for me producing a BBC documentary for Week In, Week Out that exposed their scam with the aid of Lindsay Jones and Dave Davies amongst others. I don't think I ever enjoyed making a programme more, despite the legal threats from Hamilton and his personal promise to get "producer boy" sacked from the BBC.
Guterman may never be a UK company director again but he's not exactly penniless in Monaco, is he? Hamilton - one of the strangest men I ever met - remains at large.
He remains owner of the Lex training fields in Stansty, which he transferred from Wrexham FC to his own personal ownership for a mere £90,000. I wonder what will become of those fields in the future?

A former chairman of Wrexham FC has been banned from being a director of any UK company for seven years.
The Insolvency Service said Mark Guterman's disqualification takes effect next week after he gave an undertaking to government officials.
The club entered administration in 2004 with debts of £4m and was saved in 2006 by a local business consortium.
Moves to ban former owner Alex Hamilton from holding any directorship began at the civil court of justice this week.
The case, which is being heard in Manchester and is being brought on behalf of the Business Secretary Lord Mandelson, is expected to last four weeks.
Mr Hamilton is challenging claims of unfit conduct while he was in charge of the football club.
Mr Hamilton took over as chairman of Wrexham FC from his former business partner Mr Guterman in 2004.
After Wrexham went into administration, local MP Ian Lucas - now Business Minister - wrote to the then Department of Trade and Industry asking for an investigation and calling for both men to be disqualified from holding any directorships.
He welcomed the announcement that Mr Guterman, who now lives in Monaco, had given a disqualification undertaking.
"I am very pleased that this undertaking has been given and it shows that action can - and will - be taken against those who fail to fulfil their role as directors properly.
"Many people who follow Wrexham Football Club will join me in welcoming this news."

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Plaid Gwersyllt said...

LEX fields are down as a POS Playing fields on my ward, anyway I thought Dave Bennett owned LEX and the land!