Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Labour, Tory - same old sleazy story

The Dispatches expose of ex-Labour ministers queuing up to sell their "expertise" and insider contacts for up to £5,000 a day brought back memories of the dying days of Major's government in the 1990s and cash for questions.
But the similarities don't end there, as Private Eye reveals today. Among the comments made by these sleazy money grabbers that didn't make the final cut were some revealing words about the similarity between Labour and Tory.
The undercover reporter asked how good their links were with the Tories, given the likelihood of a change of regime in Westminster.
Baroness Morgan, Tony Blair's right-hand woman, said:
"We're all the same, we're all supporting the same agenda of private involvement."

Former minister Stephen Byers said:
"I wouldn't have a problem ringing up David Cameron because I know him - I'm not a sort of tribal Labour person particularly."
Geoff Hoon, the ex-defence secretary, suggested the lobbying company he thought he was talking to should
"find yourself some ex-politician, because they can open doors for you ... and it doesn't really matter whether they're Conservative or Labour."

No surprise to learn that the cosy Westminster club continues whether it's Labour or Tory in power.

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