Thursday, 18 March 2010

Martyn Jones, the pensioner

It's hard to know whether to laugh or cry at this smug exchange between Martyn Jones (Clwyd South, Labour) and Welsh Secretary Peter Hain. If Martyn had more time I'm sure he would have mentioned that, unlike most Welsh pensioners, he will get a final salary pension scheme worth around £30,000 a year, a fat retirement pay-off as well as the profits from the sale of any state-subsidised properties he may have accumulated in London.
If he's still struggling along, I can recommend a very good luncheon club in Gwersyllt for pensioners. Unfortunately the meals there are a little more expensive than the subsidised restaurants and bars in the Commons.

Martyn Jones (Clwyd South, Labour)
As my right hon. Friend has said, I shall, sadly, be standing down at the next election and beginning my retirement in Wales.

Far more sadly, I shall shortly be staring the state pension age in the face; I know that that is hard to believe. Will my right hon. Friend ensure that the real benefits enjoyed by pensioners in Wales are maintained, especially winter fuel payments?

Peter Hain (Secretary of State, Wales Office; Neath, Labour)
My hon. Friend's young appearance will be sadly missed, particularly the bow tie, which is almost unique in the Chamber. I agree with him that winter fuel payments-introduced by this Government, and increased by them to £400 a year for those over 80 and £250 a year, tax-free, for those over 60-are a vital support measure, as are free bus passes and free prescriptions, especially in Wales. All those benefits would be under threat, if the £20 billion cuts promised by the shadow Business Secretary were introduced, which is what we would expect from a Conservative Government.

He'll also have time to realise that only Plaid is offering a fair deal for pensioners - ending the means-test misery that sees thousands not claiming what is rightfully theirs.


La Pasionaria said...

He's just a smug arrogant t**t.

Anonymous said...

He's a lazy t**t as well !

Anonymous said...

and a greedy t**t