Monday, 1 March 2010

St David's day poll shows support growing for greater powers for Wales

Welsh people want greater powers for the Assembly - two-thirds now support law-making powers or more according to a new St David's Day poll.
The poll by ICM for BBC Wales suggests that support among young people, women and in the North is even higher.
The number wanting the Assembly abolished has slumped to 13%.

The gender gap on greater powers is now becoming substantial. Just 8% of women want the Assembly abolished while a clear majority - 58% - want independence or full tax-raising and law-making powers.

The age gap is more marked still - twice as many 25-34 year old voters want law-making powers (63%) than those who don't (27%).

Interestingly, there is majority support for Welsh law-making powers among all classes, in all parts of Wales and among the non-Welsh speaking community.

Anoraks can get full details here.


Prieto said...

Interestingly enough when asked which level of government had the most influence over Wales, 40% said Westminster, 36% Assembly, 7% Local Government and only 6% European Union. This goes to show that people don't believe the UKIP rubbish that 80% of our laws are made in Europe else they would have said the EU had the most influence (in fact the true figure is somewhere between 10 and 20%)

Anonymous said...

Good Ipsos/Mori poll for SNP as well, neck and neck with Labour: