Saturday, 6 March 2010

Times are changing at North Wales Police Authority.

I have long been critical of the North Wales Police Authority of being weak and ineffective in their challenge of Chief Police Officers particularly in holding Richard Brunstrom accountable for the things he said and did.

It does now appear that some members of the Authority are taking it upon themselves to force through changes and become far more robust and challenging of Chief Officers as this Daily Post report testifies. Congratulations to Cllr Charles Wyn Jones for his scrutiny of performance data and his ability to get the Deputy Chief Constable to admit that some of the statistics they presented were in fact 'misleading.' What a statement to make!

I have responded to the Daily Post article with the following letter:
Dear Editor,

It was pleasing to read today's Daily Post (Talking Rubbish, March 6), and Councillor Charles Wyn Jones is to be congratulated on what was a robust challenge to statistics produced by North Wales Police. I very much hope that with the imminent and welcoming change at the top of the Police Authority,that other members will follow Councillor Jones's lead in representing the public interest by scrutinising Police activities in far greater depth than has been the case in the past.

Yours sincerely

There are also other major changes going on at the Authority with the Chairman Ian Roberts standing down in May following the decision of the Authority that chairing will be for a period of 4 years. It's not clear whether Ian Roberts will remain as a member of the Police Authority or whether he will be required to stand down as a condition of him being nominated as the Deputy Mayor of Wrecsam.

Also retiring is the Clerk or Chief Executive, Kelvin Dent and it is rumoured that the son of a prominent Welsh Labour MP has been appointed to this role.


Anonymous said...

The very ambitious Tory Councillor from Denbighshire, Ian Gunning is bound to put his name up for Chair of the Police Authority.

Anonymous said...

Next Chief Executive of NWPA is Tal Michael, sone of the Rt Hon Alun Michael MP and currently a Strategic Director/Monitoring Officer of Doncaster Council. Should be well versed in dealing with problems considering the 'shit' that Doncaster have found themselves in over the years.