Monday, 29 March 2010

Wigley's whistlestop tour hits Wrecsam

Plaid honorary president Dafydd Wigley was in town today to back Arfon Jones's parliamentary campaign.

Dafydd, one of the most respected politicians in Wales, made clear that he was thrilled with the progress Plaid has made in the area in the past few years.

He said:
"Many voters are turning away from the Westminster-based parties in this election.

“Plaid's outstanding record of being clean of sleaze at Westminster, and of giving the lead to avoid such problems in the Assembly makes Plaid candidates - like Arfon Jones in Wrecsam - a natural choice for voters disgruntled with the London parties.

“Plaid stands to win its highest-ever tally of seats in the new House of Commons in the forthcoming election.

“Every vote strengthens the Party's hands in fighting for a better deal for Wales.”


Anonymous said...

Nice to have a principled politician visit Wrexham - such a contrast with the local former MP!
Wigley is no turncoat.

Anonymous said...

Typical politician who meets party activists but not the general public.

Does he agree with the Peoples Council of North Wales and their far right principles?

Plaid Gwersyllt said...


"Typical politician who meets party activists but not the general public"

You must lead a sheltered life, don't you ever go to the market on a Monday? Not in Llay last Saturday then? Not in First Ave, Gwersyllt or Bottom Road, Summerhill, today then.

You tell me where you want me to be to meet the public and yourself of course; but no you won't do that will you, you've only the courage to have a rant behind a mask of anonymity don't you.

And what are the far right principles of the PCNW then, is it far right to seek to protect your language, culture and identity? The four political parties in Wales all seek to do the same and I wouldn't describe any of them as 'far right.'

I will wait with interest to see if you come back with your 'little Welshies' comment!