Saturday, 24 April 2010

Clwyd South hustings

Apart from the Labour candidate's Trident "moment", tonight's TCC-organised public meeting to hold the Clwyd South candidates to account was a real insight into those hoping to replace the woeful Martyn Jones.
About 150 people were present in Ruabon and could judge for themselves the varying quality of the candidates as they answered questions on a range of issues from local job losses to dental care and Trident.
Perhaps it was his recent eye operation, but the Lib Dem candidate did not seem very focussed and failed to answer some questions. Mind you, the Lib Dem policy of "not renewing Trident on a like-for-like basis" is enough to give anyone double vision. Get well soon Bruce.
John Bell, the Tory, was ill-prepared and struggled to convey Tory policy throughout the evening. This was not the performance of a man who was confident of victory.
Susan Jones, the Labour candidate, was obviously on a mission to pick a fight with the Tory - although they had most in common policy wise. She was unaware of local issues, not surprising for someone who's lived in London for so long, and even believed Objective One funding had benefitted Wrecsam (it was Obective Two funding that paid for regeneration in the urban villages). Poor briefing by her supporters.
This blog is biased of course, but Janet Ryder stood out for a number of reasons - not only did she understand that some issues were devolved (e.g. free bus passes) but from her experience of working in the Assembly for the past decade she focussed the audience on the issue of fair funding. An impartial outsider would have believed she was the defending MP.
Coupled with the warm reception Plaid's getting in the urban villages of Clwyd South, is there a Ceredigion 92 surprise in the air? Just asking...

UPDATE: One previously floating voter not only decided to vote Plaid on the basis of tonight's meeting, he joined the party!


Anonymous said...

I thought this was a fearless blog unafraid to tell the truth!! So tell the truth: Janet wiped the floor with the other 3 clowns. John Bell was a big bag of wind, Susan was out of her depth and the Lib Dem fella should of kept his mouth shut.

Anonymous said...

John Bell was awful a disgrace in fact. He was so out of touch with reality.

Anonymous said...

The ladies were streets ahead of the men who were simply very amateurish.Janet Ryder's experience was very apparent, if subdued.Susan Elan Jones showed true political traits, committed oratorial skills, and an intellect that was clearly superior.
Janet Ryder must have been seriously embarrassed by the sight of her two PC Wrexham Councillors sliding out of the meeting 5 minutes before the end.An appalling gesture of disrespect to TCC who achieve so much.The contemp,unprofessionalism and arrogance of the councillors speaks volumes how much Plaid needs to grow up.

Anonymous said...

No marks for guessing who the author of the last blog was! Clearly he has no regard for those parents with childcare issues but we know that when it comes to Labour and children's issues they are very good at talking the talk but not walking the walk.

Plaid Whitegate said...

Mmm... interesting comment by the anon Labourite about our exit after all the questions had been answered. TCC knew I had to leave to get back to the boys.
Truth is Susan Jones made a gaffe and Labour needs to deflect the attention. Nice try!