Thursday, 15 April 2010

Dark horse in an open race

Curious little leaflet from the Labour candidate in which he pledges to campaign to restore the link between pensions and wages.
Why not just do it, seeing as Labour was in power for 13 years? But it is nice to see him responding to Plaid's Fair Pensions pledge.
Likewise the idea of campaigning for more manufacturing jobs - what did he do while business minister to bring jobs to Wrecsam?
His support for police community support officers is welcome as Labour councillors in Wrecsam voted against them.
He also mentions Yale further education college, the NHS, affordable homes and rail links - all devolved issues on which the Assembly will decide.
He will also "respect Wrexham's Welsh heritage", which makes our culture and language sound like a museum piece but is a welcome step forward from his moronic criticisms of Welsh-language announcements at railway stations and attempts to put the dragon on the Union flag.
"Act to the highest standards of public life" could involve an apology for his expenses claim.
"Work with partners to create a greener, fairer world" - nice.
Most curiously, the leaflet claims the election in Wrexham is a two-horse race - Liberalitis is obviously catching. Except it's now a race between Labour and the Tories. In truth, the Lib Dems were second last time and will make it an open race among the London parties while Arfon Jones is the dark horse sneaking up on the rails.
Nobody's falling for the "Don't let the Tories back in" line any more - we've seen 13 years of pink Tory rule with PFI, privatisation, warmongering, job cuts and union bashing.

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